Community Measurement


TaDoc 2 in 1 blood pressure / blood glucose machine:
Step 1: Connect card reader to computer, then insert the health insurance IC card.
Step 2: Connect the TaDoc 2 in 1 or TysonBio machine to the computer.
Step 3: Press “Start” on the TaDoc 2 in 1 or TysonBio machine to begin blood pressure / blood sugar measurement.
Step 4: After measurement completion, if you are using TaDoc 2 in 1 machine, please press “read blood pressure / blood sugar” button; if you are using TysonBio machine there are no button to press.
Step 5: Click “Add” button to add a blood pressure / blood sugar measurement record.

TysonBio blood sugar machine:
Step 1: Insert a blank test strip into the machine.
Step 2: Obtain blood sample and cover the test strip specimen zone; blood glucose value will be automatically tested within 5 seconds.
Step 3: Remove the test strip. Connect the TysonBio machine to the computer via USB cable, once the TysonBio machine screen display PC, data can be transferred to the PC.
Step 4: Press the “Read blood sugar” button to transfer data.
Step 5: Press “Add” button to add a blood sugar measurement record.

New Measurements

The measurement items:
Systolic Blood Pressure:
Diastolic Blood Pressure: